3D Printing Experiences and Info

This is a list of tips and links about 3D printing in general. There will be some specific to the Creality Ender 3 and the Monoprice Mini Delta because I own both of those printers and have some bit of experience with them. I will talk about general 3D printing and related topics also.

NOTE: This is a work in progress. It may appear jumbled and there is no doubt duplication. Hang in there while I work through getting the stuff populated.

Section Links

Videos and Other Links

Videos Are King for Help and Instruction in 3D Printing

There is no doubt that videos (mostly YouTube) make up the largest source for 3D printer information. The list is HUGE and YouTube has a large collection from a core group of interesting and capable content creators.

I'm going to start with the series of must view videos called '3D Printing 101' from a couple of years ago by the 3D Printing Professor which explains a lot about 3D printing and how it works. Some things, like software instruction and reviews, is very outdated but may give you some insight. If you don't watch any other videos make sure you watch this series of 19 (yes nineteen) videos. You may find that some are irrelevant and you skip over them but most of them will teach you something.

Maker's Muse also has a great 3D Printing 101 series. He covers some of the same topics but also some different ones. Both of these series are well worth watching.

YouTube 3D Printing Best Content Providers

This is my short list of the best content providers that I've found on YouTube. It's MY list so take it as a place to start. You may not like some of them. You may have others that I haven't heard of (or decided I didn't like).

  • 3D Printing Professor - Joe has a lot of good information and no-nonsense instruction. Start with the '3D Printing 101' series.
  • 3D Printing Nerd - Joel has a try anything approach to 3D printing and is not afraid to show his occasional mistake along with his successes.
  • Maker's Muse - Angus will give you an in depth view of how things work and is very knowledgable about all things 3D.
  • CHEP - Chuck has a great series of videos covering a wide variety of topics. He leans towards the practical and sometimes very frugal side and guide you in the right direction.
  • Thomas Sanladerer - Thomas has a collection of videos that go way back in time (for 3D printing) and does a very good job of covering things in depth.
  • ruiraptor - A different approach and good solid advice. Lots of reviews and how-to videos.
  • CNC Kitchen - Stefan brings a lot of good techniques and objective testing to the 3D printing world. The testing is done on equipment he has built himself so isn't exactly lab grade but does get the job done. The videos are well worth watching.
  • The Edge of Tech - Luke has a very concise manner of describing things that make total sense. The playlist on Creality has a lot of Ender 3 content that I wish I had seen before I started the assembly of mine. There are great references and guides on just about anything about the Ender 3 and other Creality printers.
As you watch videos from these I'm sure YouTube will make other suggestions. Some may actually be relevant!

Manufacturer Links

This is my list of manufacturers. It's not a complete list, just the ones I'm aware of or have bought from.


  • Creality - Ender 3, CR-10 series, and lots more.
  • Monoprice - Monoprice 3D printers.
  • Anet - Anet A8 plus others.
  • Tevo - Tevo Tarantula plus others.
  • Prusa - The standard in high quality printers.
  • Ultimaker - Great printers. Also provides the Cura slicer.


These are the ones I have bought filament from, not necessarily directly (Amazon). All make good filament and I would buy more from any of them.
  • Hatchbox - Good quality filament of several types. I have several spools.
  • MatterHackers - A good variety of types plus lots of other 3D printing stuff. I have several spools.
  • Polymaker - A variety of filaments and even the low price stuff is good.

Parts and Upgrades

  • MacEwen 3D - I bought their extruder upgrade (actually for CR-10 but works perfectly on the Ender 3) and it is the best!
  • GigDigit - Supplier of parts for the Monoprice printers.