Bruce Ferry's Amateur Radio Page

A K 8 B
Previous Call: KC8JNC

Silver Lake, OH 44224

41.1525N, 81.462W - EN91gd

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

Radios: Kenwood TM-V7A for general 2 Meter and 70 Centimeter FM - Why I won't buy another Kenwood

Kenwood TS-711A with Mirage B1016G Linear for 2 Meter all mode and secondary FM usage

Icom IC-38A 220 MHz FM (needs repair - squelch not working)

Yaesu FT-920 HF/6M

Yaesu FT-212 with an MFJ-1278 TNC Packet Station

Yaesu VX-5R HT

Alinco DJ-296 220 MHz HT
Power: MFJ-4245MV (plus an identical spare)

Samlex SEC-1230
Antennas: Comet GP-15 tri-band for 50/144/440 MHz

Homebrew 8 element 2 meter horizontal beam

Sommer XP-507 6/10/12/15/17/20 Beam

MFJ-1766 dual band vertical beam for 144/440 MHz (fixed to southwest)

Cushcraft ARX-220B 220 MHz

MFJ-1750 2 Meter ground plane (Packet/APRS)

Carolina Windom 80 Short Special (facing East/West)

Cushcraft AV-5 10/15/20/40/75 Vertical

All of this plus a whole bunch of other incidental stuff added to make it all work together.

All of the antennas except the Carolina Windom (trees) and the HF Vertical (back yard) are on 38 feet of tower.

10-10 Information

10-10 70357

Springbok (16 points)
2150 IQ FS=764
Points = 75
Chesapeake Bay 814 IQ
Lighthouse 144
Log Canoe=147

Elmer Fudd 207


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