3D Printer Links

Software Stuff you may need for your printer.

 Ultimaker Cura  Slicing software. You need this to convert 3d image files to gcode for your printer. I recommend downloading the 4.0 Beta version as it's the same as the 3.6 except for the new interface.
 Autodesk Fusion 360  3D drafting software. This is the heavy duty stuff and can do anything you can think up. Expect a steep learning curve but there are good videos out there. Click on 'student' and work your way through to get it for free if you qualify (hobbyists do).
 Autodesk Tinkercad  Free 3D drafting software. All online. Light weight and easy to learn. Of course things are somewhat limited but you can work your way up to Fusion 360.

Search Links Finding stuff other people have already made.

 Thingiverse  The largest repository of 3D printed parts. Not always fast but what you want will likely be here.
 Yeggi  A search engine of search engines (including Thingiverse). If you can't find it here it's not available.

Special YouTube Videos Various YouTube videos about important topics.

 Is Your 3D Printer A Fire Hazard?  How to test Marlin safety features.

YouTube Video  Various YouTube video content providers that create content for 3D printing. There are many more good ones out there but these will get you started.

 3D Printing Professor  Joe has a lot of good information and no-nonsense information. Start with the '3D Printing 101' series.
 3D Printing Nerd  Joel has a try anything approach to 3D printing and is not afraid to show his occasional mistake along with his successes.
 Maker's Muse  Angus will give you an in depth view of how things work and is very knowledgable about all things 3D.
 CHEP  Chuck has a great series of videos covering a wide variety of topics. He leans towards the practical and sometimes very frugal side and guide you in the right direction.
 Thomas Sanladerer  Thomas has a collection of videos that go way back in time (for 3D printing) and does a very good job of covering things in depth.

Supplies and Parts   More stuff you may need for your printer. You can find most of it on eBay or Amazon but I like to patronize the direct links when I can.

 MatterHackers  Filament and other 3D printing supplies including some printers.
 HatchBox  Filament in a wide variety of colors and types. (Amazon)
 MacEwen 3D  Parts for your printer. Really good replacement extruder for the Ender 3.